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Recruitment and

Talent Management

People are at our core. Our extensive industry experience sets us apart from generalist recruitment houses and allows us to fulfil a dual function to the market: ensuring that our clients are supplied with the best local talent; and ensuring our candidates have access to a pipeline of opportunities available to them in their home state.

Although the talent pool is finite, there are several ways that a good recruitment and talent management firm can distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

At Syntellect, we have been 'in the trenches' with the majority of consultants that we supply to our clients. This on-the-job experience allows us to provide first-hand references for our candidates that generalist recruitment agencies cannot compete with.


Our deep insights into IT industry coupled with our strong technical knowledge allows us to differentiate ourselves in the following respects:

Best-of-breed resources. Our expansive network of consultants and partners allows us to present the right resource for the role rather than a pile of CV's based on fuzzy keyword searches which need to be laboriously reviewed and assessed. If we cannot personally corroborate a candidate from our previous project experience, we will utilise our database of industry contacts to ensure that only the highest calibre individuals are selected to represent our brand.

Duty of care. We believe that nothing builds loyalty between agency and consultant quite like the provision of a solid pipeline of opportunity. Candidate feedback tells us that too many 'body-shop' agencies are content in collecting attractive margins when the market is buoyant, but are found wanting during the inevitable lulls. Constantly seeking out the latest openings for our resources prior to the expiry of their contracts allows us to maximise levels of retention, which in turn provides our clients with increased surety that work packages will be completed.

Quality of service. The digital economy is not predicated on a 9-5 workday. Our clients often work beyond the traditional business hours to be successful and as such require partners that are prepared to match their commitment levels. At Syntellect, we believe that going the extra mile is a standard service offering. 

Competitive margins. We stay lean by carefully managing our operational costs which allows us to provide a rate card that is reflective of the latest market realities and not hyper-inflated by outdated historical precedents.

Whether you are looking to fill a full-time position or a fixed-term contract, a mainstream skill or a niche; Syntellect are positioned to recruit and retain the best staff for your organisation.

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