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Our products bring innovation to the Resources sector enabling companies to increase operational efficiencies, reduce risk and introduce measurable safety benefits from Day 1. It is striking that so many Oil & Gas and Mining companies still rely on paper-based systems for mission critical processes. Integrate your front-of-house operations with your back-of-house ERP today.

Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW)

Mineral Blue is a sophisticated but easy-to-use Safe System of Work, that streamlines and improves the safety process, whilst increasing efficiency of the workforce. Mineral Blue customers can roll out predetermined and proven safety processes at the touch of a button in a manner that allows them to monitor progress and effectiveness across all projects and operations.

A cloud-based Compliance-As-A-Service platform

isCompliant is a new way of delivering compliance services to clients using systems. Instead of providing information about compliance, isCompliant delivers compliance as a result of using the system. It is proven to get clients through certification or regulatory compliance events with unprecedented ease and efficiency. The system can be used to manage almost every form of compliance, from Legal, to contractual or industry best practice.  The system drives efficiencies and reports on business process performance for the end user. 

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